A women’s movement

  1. What is a women’s movement? What are some factors contributing to the success of a women’s movement? What is the relationship between democratization and women’s movement?

National and local women’s movement chapter 10

  1. What is state feminism? What is Femocrat? What are some of the concerns about state feminism? What are some examples of state feminism not doing much to help women’s equality and some examples of it helping? What accounts for the differences?
    National and local women’s movement chapter 10
  2. What characterizes the global or transnational feminist movement? What roles do transnational networks, inter-governmental organizations, and NGOs play in the global feminist movement?
    Transnational women’s movements chapter 11
  3. Discuss the reasons for women’s political interest and higher political representation in post-conflict African countries. What are the roles of women’s organization in formal and informal political countries

� African women’s movements negotiating peace

  1. We have seen a growing number of women becoming national and international leaders in the past decades. What are some paths to power for these female leaders? What are some ways to promote women’s political participation?

� Women in politics chapter 9

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