Adult Clinical Activity

” This is exactly like my Previous order on Adolescence Clinical Activity , and Childhood Clinical Activity, But
should be for Adulthood”. Students will bring to class a write-up of intervention/introspective activity that would
be appropriate for use with an individual in an Adolescence stage of development that can be used in a clinical
or educational setting.
The written explanation for the activity should include the following information:
Provide an explanation of the activity
How does it work?
What tools are necessary?
How long does it take?
What is the role of the clinician?
Explain what skills or insights the activity helps the client achieve or cultivate
What can they learn from engaging in this activity?
Why is this helpful for individual growth/mental health?
How is this intervention beneficial for use in a clinical setting?
Discuss what limitations the activity might have in its effectiveness
Could you do this activity with all groups of people? Why or why not?
Are there individuals you would not do this activity with? Why or why not?
What things might you want to consider before using this?
What cultural considerations need to be considered using the ADDRESSING model?

Sample Solution