Adult-gerontology NP

Considering your role specialization (adult-gerontology NP), identify the top three current trends or issues that you believe to be most important with regard to your chosen role and the impact the role has one patient outcomes. Synthesize knowledge from values theory, ethics and legal regulatory statutes, and develop your personal philosophy for a career as an advanced practice nurse in DQ1.Incorporate the content of Week 5 ( audio-visuals) .

A Day in the Life: Nurse PLU05He9EuwhlRCO5iVPgjeA7-K1lE3Y8X

Strech, S., & Wyatt, D. A. (2013). Partnering to lead change: Nurses’ role in the
redesign of health care. Association of Operating Room Nurses.AORN Journal, 98(3), 260-6. doi:
A Day in the Life: Nurse Educator
A Day in the Life: Family Nurse Practitioner
A Day in the Life: Palliative Care NP
Nurse administrator talks about leadership in a hospital system com/watch?v=oi1oCcnxvio
The Role of the Midwife

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