Advantages and disadvantages of the EHR and its relation to CPOEs and e-prescribing

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One of the advantages of the EHR and its relation to CPOEs is that it decreases risk of patient harm by decreasing medication errors (Patient Safety Network, 2019). The transcription phase of medication ordering causes about 90% of the errors so by taking legibility out of the ordering equation, mistakes are reduced by almost half (Patient Safety Network, 2019). Clinical decision support systems (CDDS) and COPE potentate patient safety and can provide clinicians templates or pre checked selections that reduce omission and helps clinicians to adhere to regulatory requirements (Patient Safety Network, 2019). These settings usually default to the most commonly used and potentially safest settings and the CDDS as well as CPOE can track usage, doses, cost of medications (Patient Safety Network, 2019). Studies have shown that these systems have reduced not only patient harm but have decreased the patient’s length of stay (Nelson & Staggers, 2018). Disadvantages of the EHR and its relation to CPOEs are lack of provider buy-in, difficulty in implementation of a complicated system, work flow interruption, and the ease of the user to do workarounds (Patient Safety Network, 2019). Although the systems are intended for provider and patient wellbeing, there can be many alerts or alarms, so many that the user tends to ignore them and possibly skip important steps (Patient Safety Network, 2019). Clinical documentation and patient care are affected by provider task fatigue which may cause the provider to skip steps which can leave out important patient information or important patient treatments connected to the item skipped (Patient Safety Network, 2019). The opposite is also true with a well-functioning, efficient system by capturing patient details which improve documentation elements for billing as well as treatment (Nelson & Staggers, 2018).
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