Advertising Sales Proposal/Presentation Budget

Advertising Sales Proposal/Presentation Budget: $10,000 Campaign: 6 months
Step 1: Research a local in State College, PA, USA, business that you want to put together an advertising campaign for. Call and set up an appointment with the owner or key employee of that business. Before your meeting, you should conduct some research on that business. Check their website. Check their social media. Do research online on their business category. For example, if its a car dealership, do research on how car sales are nationally so far in 2019.
Step 2: Conduct the interview with your local, area business in State College/Centre County. You’re basically doing a SWOT analysis to find out how you can help their business through advertising. Explain to them that this is for a class and shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. Use questions from the list below. You don’t have to ask all these questions – only the ones that you feel are most appropriate for the business you have chosen.

How did you get started in the business? What’s most enjoyable about being in the business? What’s the toughest part of being in the business? What is the most important thing for consumers to know about you today? Tell me about your busiest day.
You have a wide selection of products and services on your website. Are you targeting higher end? Average quality? Lower-end? Is there a product or service you would consider your specialty? Are those your best sellers? What would the worst sellers be? Anything you like to feature, perhaps because of a higher profit margin?

Sample Solution