African American Culture

this assignment is for you to examine your own ethnic/racial background. This can lead to a greater awareness of how your own individual development, experience and worldview have been affected by your ethnic and/or racial identity within your family, community, and the larger society. In a paper of about 4-5 pages, discuss the following issues related to your ethnicity you have chosen, The following questions are intended to assist you for writing your cultural autobiography, the story of your life, your identity, and your experiences. The story should tell who you are, how you see yourself, and how you arrived at your perceptions. There is no set format for the story; it should be as creative or reflective of your life as you would like. The following questions are general guidelines to assist in writing.

How do you identify yourself?

What factor do you most identify with as your cultural identity? Why?

What significant events in your life have contributed to your cultural identity? What

meaning does it provide for your life?

What is your most distinguishing cultural factor? Does it differ from the most

important? If so, how? Why?

Has your cultural identity served as a detriment, challenge, problem, difficulty,

or deterrent in your life? Has your cultural identity felt like a burden? If so, how?

What childhood message(s) did you receive about your cultural identity/


How has your cultural identity served as a source of strength in your life?

Have you used your identity as a coping skill/problem-solving tool? If so, when

and how?

Does the factor that you identify most strongly with differ from the cultural factor

with which others identify you? How has that affected your identity development?

Are there significant life events associated with this factor?

Have you encountered any difficulties with your cultural identity? If so, what

kind? How have you coped with them? What resources have you needed to cope

with them? How have the difficulties contributed to your identity?

What strengths do you associate with your cultural identity? What are the areas

of pride associated with them?

Sample Solution