3- How Serious are CIAL’s financial Difficulties? (Analyze CIAL’s Finances) (5 Marks)

4- What should Rajeev do to try to put the airport on a more profitable footing? (Provide & analyze at least 3 possible actions Rajeev could take to improve things) (15 Marks)

5- Should a facility like CIAL be self-supporting from user charges? What are the Pro’s and Con’s? (10 Marks)

6- Should a facility like CIAL be built and operated by the private sector or public sector? (Critically Analyze Public vs. Private ownership) (10 Marks)

Questions 7 & 8 are from the Perfect Storm over the Zurich Airport Case

7- What was the Perfect Storm in 2001? (list the issues that created the storm and how they affected Zurich Airport) (10 Marks)

8- What does it take to manage over a sustained crisis? How well did Felder do? (Analyze Felder’s Actions during the crisis) (10 Marks)
Questions 9 and 10 are from the Orlando MCO Case

9- What other Airports compete with Orlando MCO for business? How Large of a threat are these Airports to MCO? (Critically analyze the threat) (5 Marks)

10- What is MCO’s Value Proposition to Airlines? Assume you are with Emirates route planning; is MCO’s Value Proposition appealing? (Critically analyze MCO’s Value Proposition) (10 Marks)



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