Create an infographic from the tools on the webpage which is listed below, create the infographic based on the previous essay. I wanna know how much it costs to finish this, I’ll complete the payment after the writer gives me the suggestions.

Alternative Data Sources
Quandl 1 www.quandlcom Knows is has 5 years of research history covering equities, equity indices, commodities, FX and fixed income. Data is accessible via HTTP in JSON, XML and plain text response formats through a restful API. Located in London. For further information please contact to inquiry on further details including how to get the information, partnerships, and how their data is relevant to the Fx markets.
Prattle can be accessed through an interactive web portal including API. Prattle produces analytics that predict the market impact of central banks and corporate communications. Enabling users to understand and anticipate market movement. Prattle automates investment research by quantifyin language. Website demonstrates it as free, true or not. More specficially what do they provide and from where. Etc..
InfoTrie, founded in 2012 provides big data on the financial industry. Providing its users with real time data and low latency API’s to feed your systems accordingly. Based in Singapore.

Analyse flow of (news, transcripts, social media, reports).. in the financial industry. The engine transforms real-data into actionable alters. (I assume Infotrie provides processed data and not raw data). Infotries engine also includes stocks, FX, all in real-time. Algorithms generate stock analysis data, sentiment indicators, sentiment scores, buzz scores, rending keywords, all of which could be useful signals in financial analysis and prediction. Connect to Finsents, which is the platform of InfoThe to obtain data. Current plans: Basic = free / plus = time period trial from 1 day to 1 month. Premium = full package including all data for $200 per month. I-Feed, I believe is the API’s supplier in order to obtain the information directly through python or other suitable programs. Confirm whether python is available. Do you have to pay for I-feed in addition as it says to
register, please confirm.
Why is this data relevant to FX

Yipitdata collects terabytes of public data every day from company websites. Yipitdata distils raw data into critical insights for more than 40 companies including Alibaba, Carmax, eBay, Expedia and more. YipltData specialized in the collection and analysis of web data: publicly available information on company and government websites. Granular / Accurate / Immediate / Scalable. They provide coverage summary weekly and monthly on an expanding portfolio of 7 sectors and 40 companies. (do they provide daily updated information?) Airlines, Auto, China, Internet, LTL shipping, Travel and others. What specific data do they provide? How to obtain these data pay for substription based etc.. raw data or processed data? How is the data they provide relevant to the use in FX market place. 21Q Research is a leading provider of global insider transactions data to the investment sector. They list insider transactions and directors dealings data for over 60,000 stocks. Dealing with 200,000 insiders, 50+ countries . They are a cloud-based data and analytics provider, specializing in smart, efficient capturing and processing of company filings and data. Machine learning and smart scraping. Provides API compatibility with various programs and has 15 years of research history.

Dataminr provides solutions for Corporate Security, Finance, the Public Sector, News, and PR/Communications. Dataminr discovers high-impact events instantly and critical breaking information long before its in the news.
*PriceStats provides alternative data for PPP and inflation information. They collect online prices to provide daily inflation updates for 22 economies. The object of their inflation series is to anticipate major shifts in inflations trends. Prices are observed in real-time and online prices tend to react to shocks faster than offline prices. Sector views are available for the United States, including food & beverages, Furnishing and household equipment, health and beauty, energy and transportation, and recreation and electronics. PriceStats also includes daily updates on targeted regions such as emerging markets, developed economies and Eurozone. They offer aswell a Daily World Inflation

Diffusion Index. PPP Series: measures real exchange rates (RERs) for targeted economies with respect to the US. PriceStats uses a common basket of 200 products, including food, electronics and fuel. The PPP series includes charts on real exchange rate, relative prices, overvaluation under PPP or RER historic averages; and expected nominal exchange rates under PPP and RER historic averages. PriceStats uses web scraping technologies to monitor online prices every day. Web scraping is the process of automatically collecting information from the web by converting unstructured data into structured datasets that can be stored and analysed. PriceStats makes a significant effort to select retailers with large market shares, in relevant cities, that sell both offline and online. It is important to identify the best retailers in order to obtain useful information on inflation and PPP measurements.
PriceStats collects price information from over 1,000 retailers across nearly 70 countries. They publish daily inflation series for over 20 countries and PPP indices for 8 economies.
PriceStats holds a partnership with State Street, Boston MA. Contact for futher information.

Alternative data group identifies investment opportunities by extracting data from a variety of industries. Their mission is to help clients integrate alternative data into their investment process. There analytics are available via API (can it be used through Python). They also provide a raw data toolkit, designed for data that has not been augmented, aggregated, enriched, or otherwise transformed. Additionally, they also provide data that is aggregated (processed). ADG, provides data on the following: Consumer transactions / Healthcare Data / Business B2B Activity / Satellite Image Data / Social Media / Real Estate / Browsing Patterns / Fundamental Data / Shipping Data / Public Records / Internet Infrastructure. How do some if not all of these data’s find its way to be relevant towards the FX market place.

*Zillow is a leading real estate and rental market place. It provides a thorough insight to alternative prices, locations which are booming and additional information to aid individual in the search for a home. Through Zillow one could extract beneficial information, translated into useful data that can be analysed. Check scraping or alternative methods in which a regular website like Zillow can be used to extract useful information which can be relevant to MG! (FX). Can python extract this data.
*Glassdoor *Corelogic *IBM alternative data? SPSS? *Indeed: *JP Morgan *Redfin *Rigobon? Price stats *Burningglass technologies *Eagle Alpha (very good) replace one of the other ones above. *Yodlee Insights based upon millions of anonymized consumer debit and credit transactions.

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