America and the Civil Rights Movement

After reading All the Way (by Robert Schenkkan) and viewing Selma (movie) closely as works of creative non-fiction, select an individual/character, a moment, a theme, a scene, an event, or an idea and delve into the ways in which each work represents it. Read both works against the grain, but also as sites of memory, and contextualize them. Which representation do you find most accurate? Most compelling? What kinds of truth can you derive from it? Keep in mind also the broad themes, for example, the meaning of democracy, human rights, civil rights, the impact of race, class, gender and/or region, questions of social, cultural, political, and/or economic equality. As always, your essay should be focused by a clear, arguable thesis. You may use outside sources if you choose (although not are not obliged to do so), but you must cite them correctly.


























































Sample Solution