American Express V. Italian Colors Restaurant

Facts of Case: (What happened?  Summarize in your own words, the major facts that appeared to have led the parties into the Court system.)

Issue(s):  (What did the Court say was/were the primary legal issues that were presented, which were important enough that the Court used them to decide the case as they did.)

Ruling:  (How did the Court rule— who won the appeal— summarize the primary ruling made by the Court.)

Reasoning: IMPORTANT!   (What was/were the primary reasons the Court used in its opinion, that justified the ruling.)

Other interesting factors:  (Discuss your own view of this decision… state whether you agree with the decision or disagree, and support your view…. discuss any importance you believe the case has had on society…. Talk about any trends you have noticed that might be traced to this case and similar cases… talk about whether the case was newsworthy, or was perhaps ahead of its time… plus anything else you found of interest when you read the case.)




Sample Solution