American government

First, compare the attitudes of and society in the direct aftermath of the Great War towards immigrants, “the other”, and “dissenting” ideas with our current American governmental and societal attitudes towards immigrants, “the other”, and “dissenting” ideas assessing the historical contexts, differences, and similarities.

Second, contrast the attitudes of post-Great War America before the stock market and economic crash with what attitudes were after the Crash and the Great Depression began and assess what influence the experience of the Great Depression has had on American society in its era as well as on America since.

Third, put yourself in the position of someone who was living through the Great Depression – what would your life have been like if you were living through those times and events?

As the unit goes forward over the next few weeks, please also add to your discussion analysis of how the New Deal functioned as a response to the Great Depression, then assess the impacts of American participation in World War II on American society, and then, finally, assess the developments of the 1950’s and early 1960’s in both the Cold War and the Civil Rights

Movement to your discussion topics so we can get a good sense of all these issues at the heart of mid-century America (1920-1963) and how these topics relate to America in 2018




Sample Solution