American Government

  1. What express powers are granted to the Federal Government in the United States Constitution? What powers are expressly reserved for the States? How has the balance of power between State and Federal government changed since the writing of the constitution?
  2. What limitations exist on Religious freedom in the United States? What efforts have been made to establish a “Wall of Separation’ between Church and State in the United States? What recent rulings by the Supreme Court have reinforced the Freedom to practice Religion in the United States? What kind of issues have emerged in schools in recent debate over the separation of church and State?
  3. How is the South different from other regions of the United States? What kind of issues are most important to Southern voters? How does this affect national politics? What other regional political predispositions can you think of? How important do you think regional issues are in modern politics?
  4. What are the main purposes of the major American Political parties? What functions do the major parties perform in American Government? What is the role of political ideology in party politics? Outline the organizational structure of national political parties. What is the purpose of party platforms? Are platforms relevant or not?

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