1) List at least ten keywords you might use in an electronic search for literature. Refer to a thesaurus to see if they are valid for use in the database you plan to access.
Social, media, bullying, harassment, negative, physical, emotional, stress, support, system, network, addiction, expectation, unrealistic, permanence, irresponsibility, harm, gender, age. I plan to do most, if not all, of my research utilizing the databases (which includes the four mentioned on page 33 of our text) of the New Jersey State Library.

2) Name the logical operator(s) (AND, NOT, OR) described in this topic that you will use between your key words, and explain why.

3) List the headings and subheadings you anticipate using to organize your literature review.
Addiction to Social Media
Compulsion to Check Feeds
Excessive Amounts of Time Spent on Social Media
Interference with Home, Work, Sleep
Feelings of Panic or Anxiety if Unable to Access Social Media

Bullying Through Social Media
    Experienced by Adults; Not Just Children
    Forms of Social Media Bullying
    Potential Harm of Social Media Bullying

Unrealistic Expectations as a Result of Social Media
    Low Self Esteem or Is Social Media to Blame?
    Accurate Portrayals or Carefully Curated and Edited?
    Sharing, Bragging or Bullying?  

Permanence of Social Media
    Think Carefully Before Posting
    From Fun to Embarrassment to Regret

Irresponsibility Through Social Media
    Verify, Verify, Verify
    “Fake News” or Fact?
    Responsible Behavior for Disseminating Information

4) Will you use sampling to obtain participants for your research? If yes, do you plan to use random sampling, systematic sampling, or some other method of sampling? Explain.

5) Do you anticipate collecting demographics? If yes, list them and explain why you made that decision.

6) In light of the information in this topic and in the previous topic, what is your anticipated sample size? Explain the basis for your decision.


Patten, Mildred L. (2014). Understanding Research Methods, 9th edition.
New York: Routledge.

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