An email response

In real life, we are rarely told exactly what type of message to send or how to send it. This assignment will test your ability to determine the appropriate message to send, as well as the best communication channel to send it. The assignment is inspired by assignment 7.11 on page 227, Choose the Right Communication Channel. It also draws upon the case study from the beginning of the chapter on page 201. The case involves two people—Haniz Zogby and Jaclyn Peha. Haniz is a marketing assistant, and Jaclyn is a technology intern. Haniz is not Jaclyn’s supervisor, but her position at the Prestigio Hotel, where they both work, is the more senior.

As the case study mentions, Haniz and Jaclyn met recently to discuss ways to improve the hotel’s website. Haniz feels the meeting was productive; however, Jaclyn feels that Haniz did not really listen to nor seriously consider many of her ideas. Jaclyn needs to determine not only what to communicate to Haniz but the best way to communicate it.

For this assignment, you will take on the role of Jaclyn. You have two important and interconnected decisions to make. You must decide what message you want to communicate to Haniz, and you must decide on the most appropriate communication channel to send that message. Your choices include the following.

A phone call
An in-person meeting
An e-mail
A text message
A web-based video meeting
This is not an exhaustive list of all communication channels, of course, but these are the ones that Jaclyn is seriously considering.

These factors may influence your choice: Haniz and Jaclyn work together in the same location, but their workspaces are on different floors. Haniz is in and out of her office during the day, attending numerous meetings with colleagues and clients. When Haniz is in her office, the door is nearly always closed.

explain which communication channel you will choose and why. Because all communication channels have both strengths and weaknesses, you will need to make the case for why this communication channel is the best one for this situation in comparison to other possibilities. Second, compose the message. For example, if you choose a phone call, write down exactly what Jaclyn will say when Haniz picks up the phone, as well as what message she would leave if she did not pick up. If you were to write an e-mail, then write the message in the style of an e-mail, and so on

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