Analysis of some print, Internet, or television car advertisement

Write a 5 page analysis of some print, Internet, or television car advertisement, focusing on cultural themes and appeals in the ads, including its interpretation by viewers. In this assignment, students should be demonstrating the significance of some form of car or vehicle in advertising. Things to consider: what is special about the item being promoted? In what ways is it displayed – how does this compare/contract to other similar ads? Who is the presumed target audience? What persuasive devices are being used towards the consumer? Do you have any data about the success of the ad?
Specifically, the paper should include the following components (in no particular order):
Title – a creative name for the paper that highlights both the vehicle and quality of advertisement/ad series being discussed and interpreted. A copy of the advertisement (either in the body of the paper or in appendices at the end – or links to video commercials). The unit of analysis can range from a single advertisement example such as a page in a magazine or a whole series of advertisements within a given campaign. Reference to at least three sources from class (readings, videos, or audio clips) – but must include at least two different forms of sources. For example, either one reading, video, and audio clip or two readings and a video, and so forth. Citations should be according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Sample Solution