Analysis of the legal/institutional environment

You are an HR executive at a US HQ Amazon company that is interested in opening regional headquarters (RHQ) in an Egypt. The RHQ will host the regional management/administrative functions, regional sales and marketing, and other staff functions. There will be many expatriates from HQ, some third country nationals, and local nationals working in the same location. You need to fill in some details (type of business, size, business strategy and culture) about your hypothetical organization to make the report more interesting and more relevant.
Provide an analysis of the legal/institutional environment and the local workforce – Cairo, Egypt:
Local workforce characteristics and challenges: competence (education/training); availability of talent (managerial, professional, etc.); salary levels for managerial/professional occupations; typical turnover rates; challenges typical for this location (e.g. retaining talent, reluctance to work for foreign companies, lack of skills/experience, etc.).

Sample Solution