Follow the instructions. My parts are Tower calculations and blades calculations.

(100pts: 75pts Engineering content/25pts Technical Writing content)
The Analytical Tasks Assignment is an individual assignment where you will need to pick one of the top engineering characteristics, design components, or design decisions to justify mathematically the viability of your project. Depending on your project, this could include computational modeling or analyses. You may have already completed some of this work (depending on your project and where your team is in your process), but everyone is required to do this assignment by the due date.
This Progress Report should answer questions such as (but not limited to):
 Why did you make this component long, or short?
 Why is this material used?
 Why did you pick this location or resource?
 Why did you choose XYZ?
 What is the factor of safety for this particular component?
This Progress Report must include:
 An introduction to the problem in question
o How does your project relate to a specific contemporary issue? State the specific contemporary issue and how your project works towards solving that issue.
 Assumptions that drive the calculations
o Define any and all variables used
o Annotate (describe) equations used
 Details of the physical modeling, as appropriate
 Schematics and/or diagrams of the project/design
 Equations or flow chart of program (don’t show all calcs, please)
o Nothing handwritten will be accepted
 Referenced sources that equations came from (IEEE style)
 Models (such as CAD) should have detailed drawings/layouts at the top level of the design project and attached to memo as a pdf (though more detail, as required, will be needed by the end of the semester)
 The result and how that influenced your project

The end goal of this Progress Report is that EACH individual team member shows at least one design issue that the team member individually worked on, from a technical viewpoint. Note: The assignment that you hand in should be able to convince any mathematically inclined designer of the validity of your process and any non-technical person can read and understand your work.
Reports must be formatted as follows:
– Single spaced
– 11-point font
– Include cover page with:
o Name
o Date
o Team number and name
o Individual analysis performed
o Section information
– Reference page for any and all sources used

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