Antibody screen results for a routine surgery.

Case study

  1. A 54 year old female patient X requires routine surgery. Before the operation a blood group, antibody screen and plasma saved for possible crossmatch, are requested. The following, in Fig 1 & 2, are the ABO & Rh group and antibody screen results for this patient:

Fig 1: ABO & Rh results for Patient X
Reagents Anti-A Anti-B Anti-D Control A1 cells B cells
Image from automated analyser

Agglutination Results

Fig 2: Antibody screen results for Patient X
Reagents Screening Cell 1 Screening Cell 2 Screening Cell 3 Auto
Image from automated analyser

Agglutination Results

i) Interpret the results seen in Figures 1 & 2 by grading the agglutination results in the space under each gel column, titled ‘Agglutination Results’.
State the patient’s ABO blood and Rh D Group: …………………
(15 Marks 100 words).
ii) Explain your conclusions. (25 marks 200 words).

iii) Comment on the findings of the antibody screen and explain the further tests required (20 marks 200 words).

iv) Explain the principles of red cell agglutination and compare the two types of tests used for blood grouping and Antibody screen (30 Marks 300words).

v) If blood was required for this patient what blood type (ABO group, Rh group etc) should be selected? (10 marks 100 words).

Sample Solution