Argument Essay – Do crime shows make better criminals

Do crime shows make better criminals? In terms of learning how to hide evidence and giving them ideas to do certain things. Can bring up different crime shows. Make sure not too much (obvious) research is done. Make sure whichever side of the argument you’re on is evident throughout the entire essay. (whichever side you can argue better) Look up CSI Effect maybe? Bring up counterargument. Make it have voice throughout. Argument Essay – Must have an original and creative title – brief, relevant, catchy 1. Hook – write something question as hook (or attention-grabbing) in opening sentence so the reading NEEDS to keep on reading – but don’t necessarily ask a question (e.g.- “my mother died yesterday…. Or was it the day before yesterday.” – Reader will wonder why the author doesn’t remember when his mom died. 2. Thesis – Must have a gripping thesis statement in the last sentence of the first paragraph The thesis must answer: What you are for/against and why you are for or against it? No three-part thesis 3. Conclusion- Must be a dramatic memorable imagine – like a movie “drop the mic” type of ending Do not repeat all of the key points you said in the paragraphs beforehand. Make it new/fresh Cannot be boring – Must have style 4. Research – No research at all (no numbers/statistics) unless it is common knowledge or you had learned about it before 5. Voice – Don’t speak formally- give the essay a voice (everyday voice) but make sure grammar is correct Don’t use many transition words 6. Paragraph/Font- Three pages. Double Spaced. Size 12 font/any font that matches the voice of the essay as long as it is legible 7. Format- Don’t have to follow five paragraph essay structure Can be more than five-paragraphs 8. Argument – CLEARLY STATING IF I AM FOR OR AGAINST SOMETHING IN MY ARGUMENT Cannot be too broad Can add opinion if it backs up what I’m stating Follow format Must address counterargument at some point in the essay


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