Aristotelian virtue ethics

Here is the full essay prompt: While certainly very important, Aristotle’s articulation of the virtues and their roles in our lives seem to be inherently lacking because they fail to provide a consideration for a multiplicity of viewpoints. In other words, discussions of “virtue” are typically done with masculine/pattiarchal/exclusivist overtones. Annette Baier and other feminists offer a powerful and productive way of reformulating our “normal” views of what these things (virtues) actually are. Do you think, therefore, that Aristotelian virtue ethics is improved upon by care ethics/feminist virtue ethics, or was it doing alright on its own? 1000 word minimum (the minimum word count does not include the Works Cited or Titling Information) Works Cited Page and Titling information (Your Name, Date, Course, etc.). Papers that do not contain a Works Cited Page will incur a 10 point penalty. Direct textual evidence (properly-cited quotations) must be used. Papers that do not use direct textual evidence will incur a 20 point penalty.




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