‘Art OR ‘Othello

Choose one of the plays: ‘Art OR ‘Othello’ It is a “Pitch paper’ in the form of a four- page letter to the artistic director (Prof. John McCullough) of Voorhees Theater at City Tech College. Comment about why do you think Voorhees should produce your chosen play and comment on why would fellow students benefit from watching this play. Why do you think it is appropriate, compelling, Give convincing reasons as to why this play is the one that City Tech students need to see.
Choose between plays : ‘Othello’ OR ‘Art’ (Art by Yasmina Reza). Choose the central theme or themes of the play and explain possibly how do you think it is life- affecting for your fellow students or how students will benefit from watching this play, what would be the take home message? TIPS: I think it is helpful if you gather information from REVIEWS as well. Actually, it is required to include one direct quote from theatrical review and cite it.

Sample Solution