Assessment for Health Promotion

Select an individual in your community. This assignment requires you to observe this person and ask questions, observe, and assess his or her school environment, either in his or her personal past or current school environment.
Using the data you have collected, answer the following questions:
-How much physical education did the person participate in every week?
-Gather information about the school menu of the individual. Did it follow the nutritional guidelines set forth by these recommendations? If not, what changes need or needed to be made?
-Were there health education classes offered in his or her school?
If not, using the Healthy People 2020 recommendations, what interventions or programs would you suggest?
-Was there a school nurse? If not, who administered medications to the children and cared for sick or injured children?
-Were hearing and eye screenings done on the children annually? What was done if a teacher was suspicious that a child had a learning disability?
-What if a teacher suspected abuse in the home? What interventions would be taken?
-What was the policy about violence and bullying in the school? What steps were taken if this occurred?
You may utilize the Healthy People 2020 Web site and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Web site to assist you in this project.
Please use reference within the past five years

Sample Solution