Assignment 1: Charlotte and William


MAKE A FACT AND LINK TO THEORY HOW DOES IT LINK TO THE THEORY. THIS IS KEY. You need to back the fact up with theory always make links to one another. It is a case study, there are 4 sections I have attached the four sections as a document. I have also attached a document where I have done everything for you the layout what to talk about PLEASE FOLLOW THAT AND USE THAT. You can go in deeper with the references and do wider reading but please use that template and all the information in it. It is uploaded as ‘Assignment 1’. When writing please make sure: Shows a sound understanding of the demands of the question/topic. Identifies the main implications of the questions/topic and considers it from more than one angle. Is always relevant. Shows a sound understanding of major concepts and the ability to describe and analyse them critically. Develops arguments logically and clearly. Evaluates arguments and evidence from reading and experience and provides convincing reasons for conclusion reached. Often manages to relate theory to practice where appropriate. Shows evidence of a range of relevant and critical reading. Supports points with examples drawn from reading, research and experience where relevant. Ability to summarise information gathered from several types of source. Clear overall structure to a more complex assignment than level 1. Arguments are developed and linked in a logical and well-organised manner. Clearly answers question/focuses on topic. Understands wider implications of question/topic and considers it from several angles. Is always relevant to the question/topic. Is somewhat individual or original in how it deals with the assignment and offers some of the student’s own ideas. Shows a deep understanding of major concepts. Analyse concepts and issues carefully and critically and has some ability to question ‘received opinion’ where appropriate. Develops arguments concisely and persuasively. Provides clear criteria for evaluations made and conclusions reached. Consistently and effectively relates theory to practice where appropriate. Shows evidence of wide and critical reading and/or the ability to incorporate data from own (limited) research or that of others where relevant. Supports points with particularly well-chosen examples drawn from research and experience. Shows outstanding ability to summarise and also synthesise information gathered in a variety of ways. There is a very clear overall structure to an assignment which is more complex in organisation than level 1. The structure is indicated to the reader by devices such as good paragraphing and discourse markers. Complex arguments are developed logically and systematically. There is only case study Charlotte and William and I’ve broken it down into five documents over 5 days. But it is ONLY ONE case study. Make a fact and link it to theory I will send you a reference list and all the lecture slides. I’ve uploaded ‘Assignment 1’ it has all the information on there. You need to use that.

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