Compile a thorough list of websites that could be used to introduce and inform a reader of about ONE specific style/topic of non-western World Music, (Topic examples: Didgeridoo, Celtic Harp, Beijing Opera, etc) with annotations (paragraphs) describing each link. You...

Mental health and its stigmas

Compose an argumentative essay about mental health and its stigmas, focused specifically on its perception at the present time, 1,000 words minimum in length, paragraphed, and MLA-formatted.

Medieval European history

Choose two primary sources that address religion during medieval europe. Write an argumentative academic paper that introduces, enforces, challenges, or complicates our view of medieval history with regard to my chosen theme of religion

Physical Activity

The four components of fitness are _________, _______, ______, and _______________. Aerobic activity increases VO2 max and lowers ______________. Examples of aerobic activity are __________ and _________. Anaerobic activity consists of ________ of ________ activity,...


Cancer (use your Cancer reading to help answer these new few questions) _____ is when old or damaged cells undergo programmed cell death. Describe the multi-step process of cancer development (provide name of the step & DESCRIBE what is happening in that step):...