Autism Spectrum Disorder

I. Identification of Mental Health Disorder- Please use the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, 5th edition and when explaining or giving a definition of Autism Spectrum disorder.
II. Final Paper- This paper needs to be a complete comprehensive literature review on Autism Spectrum Disorder. The final product should follow all APA guidelines for writing an academic literature review. This includes an APA title page, Table of content, proper internal citations and a proper reference page. You should also include a proper abstract that describes the overall content of the paper. Also, please keep in mind the proper use of grammar and spelling. This is an academic writing so it should be written in third person voice, in other words no use of “I” in the paper. It should be double spaced in a 10 or 12 point font such as Times New Roman.

Content of the Paper:

  1. Description of the Disorder-
    A. Consult the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition and provide a description of Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as the diagnostic criteria used to make this diagnosis.
    B. Also consider how the disorder presents differently in children/adolescents versus adults. Are there differences in the diagnostic criteria based on age, if so what are they?
    C. Aside from just using the diagnostic criteria what else is used to determine if an individual is experiencing this disorder? In other words, are there certain psychological tests that are used to assist in diagnosing the disorder? If so, provide the names and a brief description of at least two of these types of measures.
  2. Psychological Theories to explain the disorder- You are to find at least two major psychological theories that provide an explanation for how Autism develops. You should explain the basic premise of each theory and then provide a more detailed description of how this theory explains the development of this disorder. Once you do this for each theory you should then compare and contrast the theories.
  3. Biological Basis of Disorder- You are to identify and explain the biological or bio psychological basis for this disorder. More specifically, what is the brain basis of the disorder? What do we know about the parts of the brain that are involved or impacted by this disorder?
  4. Treatment-
    A. Identify an empirically supported treatment for individuals with this disorder. Identify the basis of the treatment and briefly explain how the treatment is conducted.
    B. Provide evidence for the efficacy of the treatment for this disorder. What does the research say about success rates of treating individuals with this type of disorder with this form of therapy?
  5. Multicultural Issues- A. How does this disorder present differently or how is it treated differently based on multicultural issues? What does the research literature say about how multicultural issues (for example, gender, race, military status, age etc.) affect the course or treatment of the disorder? Please identify at least two research studies that have looked at two different multicultural issues.
  6. Ethical/Legal issues- What is at least one ethical or legal issue that may have to be considered when working with individuals with this type of disorder? Identify what the issue is and explain how or why it applies to this disorder. Then describe how the research literature suggests this issue should be addressed.
  7. Future Research-What is being examined as future treatment options for individuals with this disorder? Alternatively, what does the literature say we still need to work on to understand about the disorder, in other words where is the current research focused and where is it headed?

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