Backbone Networks

1. How does a layer-2 switch differ from a router?
2. Under what circumstances would you use a switched backbone?
3. Explain how single-switch VLANs work.
4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of VLANs?

Mini Case:

Pat’s Engineering Works Pat’s Engineering Works is a small company that specializes in complex engineering consulting projects. The projects typically involve one or two engineers who do data-intensive analyses for companies. Because so much data are needed, the projects are stored on the company’s high-capacity server but moved to the engineers’ workstations for analysis. The company is moving into new offices and wants you to design its network. It has a staff of 8 engineers (which is expected to grow to 12 over the next 5 years), plus another 8 management and clerical employees who also need network connections but whose needs are less intense. Design the network.




Sample Solution