Benjamin Colonial Museology In Algiers

Read the attached article: “Benjamin Colonial Museology in Algiers” and answer the following 10 questions in a couple of sentences:

1. What is the main idea of the article?
2. Where was/were the museum(s)?
3. When was it/were they founded, in what context? Who were the main players in shaping the vision of the museums(s)?
4. What was the goal of the museum(s)?
5. Who was the intended audience of the museum(s), and how is this seen within the museums(for example display, collection, exhibitions. ideals, etc)?
6. What other museums were referred to, either as collaborators, examples, or to make a distinction? What kind of relationship was created to the network of museums in the colonizing country?
7. What was in the collection, and how was it formed?
8. What happened to the museum(s) with independence?
9. Overall, what is the relationship between the museum(s) and colonialism?
10. What does the history of this museum/these museums teach us about museums overall?




Sample Solution