Best screening for early treatment and screening for HIV in the Latino community

1.Remind readers of the local problem, the gap-in-practice, the practice-focused question(s), anpurpose of the doctoral project.
2.Summarize the sources of evidence, how the evidence was obtained, and the analytical strategies that were used.
Findings and Implications
1.Report the findings that resulted from analysis and synthesis of the evidence that was collected (not simply the raw numbers or evidence).
2.Discuss any unanticipated limitations or outcomes and their potential impact on the findings.
3.Describe the implications resulting from the findings in terms of individuals, communities, institutions, and systems.
4.Provide potential implications to positive social change.
1.Describe the proposed or recommended solutions that will potentially address the gap-in-practice, as informed by the findings discussed above (e.g., policies, practice guidelines, protocols, standards, etc.); include these recommended products in appendices and provide any detail needed to understand or use the products.
2.If applicable, describe any proposed secondary products that will guide the use of the primary products in practice. Any secondary products should be included in appendices, discussed in the text of the paper, and referenced so that readers know where to look to find the actual products.
3.If applicable, describe the recommended implementation and evaluation procedures in sufficient detail that administrative decision makers not involved in development and planning can assign and supervise them without further planning.
Note: Implementation of the recommendations is not required for completion of the DNP doctoral project.
1.Contribution of the Doctoral Project Team (if applicable)
2.Summarize the process of working with the doctoral project team, including the responsibilities taken by team members.

3.Describe the roles the project team played in developing the final recommendations and/or product(s).
4.Discuss any plans to extend the project beyond the DNP doctoral project.(would like to publish)
Srength and Limitations of the Project
1.Discuss the strengths and the limitations of the doctoral project.
2.Include recommendations for future projects addressing similar topics and using similar methods.

Sample Solution