Bioethics: physician assisted suicide

1) develop a one-page policy brief, also known as a one-page ASK, using the instructions in the RWJ Connect Manual (see resources).

2) develop a script for a meeting between the student as the nurse advocate for a group cause, and a person that can influence policy (i.e., Legislator, Congressperson, State Representative). As professional nurses, it is important to continue to improve verbal expression.

3) Therefore, students will role-play communicating this advocacy issue to the targeted stakeholder. Using RWJF Connect Manual pages 11-36, develop a strategy for this meeting. The final assignment should be comprised of a) script, b) a one-page “Ask”, and c) a video recording.

This project will be completed in three parts:

Part 1: Script

Use the RWJ Connect Manual (p. 11) as your template. see link: GNRS 504Z+Week 15+RWJ+CONNECT+Manual-1.pdfPreview the document

The following components should be included in your script:

Start your meeting right (RWJ, p. 12)
Who you are and what you do (RWJ, p. 13-18)
Story about how you work (RWJ, p. 19-23)
What you want: Identifying and Ask (RWJ, p. 24-29)
Closing the Meeting (RWJ, p. 30)
Part 2: One-page ASK or policy brief

Develop a one-page ASK or policy brief using RWJ Manual suggestions (p. 31-34).
What is an ASK? An ask is policy-speak for a specific request that you make of your policymaker during your meeting. Whether you’re talking with a member in person or with a staffer, they will be waiting for you to make the They expect it, and in some cases, they will even prompt you…The bottom line—always be prepared with a good ask (See RWJM readings for full text).
Includes: introduction, foreshadow, stick to what’s important, telling details, and focuses on what it matters (see p. 14).
A good ASK is: Actionable, linked to policy maker’s interests, and advances your work.
SAMPLE: one page ASK GNRS 504Z+Week 15+ASK OnePager-Diabetes-Mobile-Apps.pdfPreview the document

Sample Solution