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Use a narrative format to form the paper, include a reference page with sources properly cited as the last
page of the paper. Use 12 font Times New Roman. The semester project involves your creating an outline
of a marketing plan for a “new” consumer product (meaning a product that has been on the market for one
year or less). The product may be food, beverage, electronics, health & beauty aid, automobile, motorcycle,
pharmaceutical, etc. Basically this is a marketing analysis from which a detailed marketing plan might be
-Product Background
Introduce the new product. Describe what the product is and what it does. The introduction might include:
consumer demand, product usage, attributes, benefits to the target market, competitive edge, branding,
labeling, packaging, support services etc.
What is the geographic area in which the product will be sold?
What kind of image does the product have? (such as cheap but good, exclusive, customer-oriented,
highest quality, convenience, or speed)
-Company (Manufaturer) Background
Include the name and history of the manufacturer, its other products and services, etc.
Include the company’s mission statement (if you can find it).
-Strategic Issues
Discuss the current business environment for the new product.
What are the internal and external issues which could affect next year’s business? (Look for industry
forecast information)
Include details about other new product introductions in the same company, industry consolidations or
expansions, new distribution outlets, or a major change in industry pricing,

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