Brand in Hong Kong

Select a product of a particular brand in Hong Kong in one of the following categories:
– Health care
– Home appliance
– Organic products
– Sport shoes
– Watch

  1. Explain the most significant benefit from the perspective of the target customers of
    this selected product and justify if this significant benefit match with company’s
    purposes, goals or values.
  2. Analyse the sales promotion tools of this selected product, modify one of its existing
    sales promotion tools which was offered in the past 24 months AND suggest one new
    sales promotion tool for this product to attract customers. Justify your answer from

Write a reflective journal on your learning process and application of knowledge in the essay.
In your journal, you are required to reflect on the challenges in attending this course and
show how you overcame the challenges.

  1. Explain the challenges you have faced in attending this course.
  2. Explain the ways that you overcame the above challenges.

Sample Solution