British Slave Trade

In the centre of your text, The Slave Ship: A Human History, you will find eight pages of photographs, portraits, paintings, maps, and diagrams. These pages are unnumbered but are located between pages 210 and 211. Included in these eight pages are four images of equipment used by slave traders to control the captive Africans they transported. One image shows four pieces of equipment, including a speculum oris that was used to force feed captives who did not wish to eat. Another image shows coffles, which were used to control captives on their long march to the west coast of Africa. The , third image shows a set of shackles, and the fourth image shows a cat-o’-nine-tails. Shackles are foot or handcuffs used to fasten a prisoner’s wrists or ankles together. A cat-o’-nine-tails is a leather whip with nine knotted lashes. Thomas Clarkson gathered objects similar to these in 1787 to be used as evidence for the abolition of the slave trade. In 500 words, analyze the objects outlined above. Make sure to explain their historical significance to Abolition. Please see the attached photos and further insight into the assignment.

Sample Solution