Budget Development- Key Element

Develop and submit a budget. You are the Nurse Manager of a 20-bed Medical-Surgical unit in a small metropolitan area. One of your responsibilities as the manager is to submit a budget to Administration for approval. These are the parameters you are given: 1. Nursing staff. This includes your salary as the nurse manager, RNs, LPNs, Nursing Assistants, and/ or Orderlies for all shifts. 2. Clerical Staff to include unit secretaries for all shifts. 3. Equipment for use in patient care and education. 4. Take into consideration paper supplies, tape, cups, etc. 5. Holiday pay, possible overtime pay, and/or educational initiatives. 6. Include your rationale on how you developed your budget. 7. Do not exceed – $1,250,000/year. You have the discretion to adjust hourly wages. Be fair with your deliberations. 8. You may use the table attached below or design your own format. It may be a word document table or an excel spreadsheet. 9. Below your designed table (Excel spreadsheet would be perfect), explain the importance of maintaining a budget within a hospital unit and the consequences of being a variant each

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