Budget review of NJ Gloucester

Choose a state agency, county, or municipal emergency management budget to analyze ( NJ Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management) and provide a report. You will need to provide me with
the agency you choose (NJ Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management), contact information (Dennis P. McNulty, Coordinator
Emergency Management Office Gloucester County Department of Emergency Response 856-307-7100).
You are strongly advised to do a little research on your chosen jurisdiction first and determine whether the appropriate parts of the budget have been posted for public review. You will be looking for a budget that has
narrative explanations as well as spreadsheets, and hopefully fuller descriptions of local demographics and
economy. For the mid-term, you will submit a proposal for your final assignment. This proposal is what you will
build upon for your final assignment. The proposal should include the following elements:-Introduction-The
jurisdiction or organization you have chosen to analyze their budget background. -The name of the person you
have been in contact with, including their contact information, their role within the organization/jurisdiction, and
any other information that you find beneficial.-At this point, you should have your interview concluded, so
provide some key information form the interview, include the date and time of your interview (2-4-2021 at 2 PM,
at 1200 N Delsea Dr. Clayton NJ 08312)
. -Conclusion paragraph.
This is all I could find for budget information.

Sample Solution