Build Good Health Habits: Choose Exercise, Nutrition, or Sleep

You may choose any 1 of these 3 podcasts. You may wish to coordinate with your Health Habit project #2’s goal, or branch out in a different direction. Your choice – they are all terrific listens.

Discussion Questions: Think about how this info might relate to working with patients to benefit them, to your own personal life as a student, and to public health in general.

What tips did you learn about your health habit topic of interest ?
Was there anything that surprised you or intrigued you ?
Was this podcast or video motivating to you as far as making a health habit change, now that you know more ? What challenges do you think you will face ?
What challenges do our patients face when they try to make a positive health behavior change with a daily habit ?
Did you learn any new information to help patients trying to improve their exercise, nutrition, or sleep ?

Sample Solution