Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources

You have been asked by your CIPD Branch to lead a discussion at one of its events
on ‘The evolving role of HR in the contemporary business world’. You have been
asked to produce a paper for inclusion in the delegate pack. In your paper, you should
include the following:
 An analysis of some of the key forces which shape the HR agenda e.g. models of
the HR function, HR strategies, insights and solutions to support business
performance, business ethics and accountability.
 Compare different tools for analysing the business environment e.g. SWOT,
PESTLE, Porter’s 5 Forces etc.
 Assess a range of different factors which impact on an organisation’s business
and its HR function. You should include examples of external and internal factors
to illustrate the different types of impact.
 Summarise the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation with
reference to a model from the literature. You should also refer to the role of HR in
each of the stages and in particular, highlight HR’s contribution to business ethics
and accountability.
 Give some examples of how business performance can be evaluated, making
reference to traditional and modern indicators. You should make particular
reference to the role of HR in business planning and change management with
some examples to illustrate HR’s key role.
 Explain how different sources of business and contextual data can be assessed
and utilised for planning purposes e.g. internal information within the organisation
including HR metrics, industry information e.g. trends in HR, competitive
information, government information.

Sample Solution