Business Plan

1. Briefly explain your business idea. Setting business objectives and highlighting the components of your Business Plan.
2. Briefly discuss one element; of the economic; one of the competitive; one of technological; one of the social and one of the global environment, your business will be operating in. Also, briefly highlight your business’ social responsibility and outline why it is important.
3. Choosing a form of Business Ownership – PARTNERSHIP!: Highlighting the different options available and evaluating the differences to justify your choice. You should discuss and list at least four Advantages and Disadvantages of the following: a) Sole Proprietorship; b) Partnership; c) Forming a limited liability company. Also, in addition highlight the role of Small Business in the economy and significance of entrepreneurs in the future of business.
4. In assisting your decision making, an essential part that need to be mastered is the Financial Management and Accounting of the business. Highlight your financial plan and briefly discuss the different types of financing available (PARTNERS DIRECT INVESATMENT! – 20’000 POUNDS)).
5. Create a promotional campaign to support your business launch. You need to create a promotional video as part of your marketing campaign. The video can be from 20 seconds to 2 minute in length. In planning your promotional campaign you need to consider the following: a) Target audience b) Specific campaign objectives c) Media strategy and Channels; where you plan to post the video You need to consider campaign objectives and the role of social media in promoting your business. Explain how you can achieve business objectives through social media.
6. Explore how you can attract and retain a competent and flexible workforce. Discuss the stages of recruitment, selection and induction




Sample Solution