Business Plan

Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in your chosen country. Include market indicators and trends for your product or service.

Investigate the restrictions being imposed in that country toward your product/services. Ie: Duty, Quota, local Government requirements, labeling such as country of origin, FDA requirement, Food labelling, etc.

Identify the marketing channels as your counterpart in your selected country. Be sure to identify the company’s name; ie: Importer or Distributor that is related you’re your business line (Product/Service). Describe the background of that business activities in that country. Select at least two companies

Prepare a financial overview (3 years projection) )for your global venture. Include a chart that represents the general budget for your global venture. Explain how your company deals with foreign exchange risk for your global operation.

Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing for your global venture. Include at least two possible financial institutions within your chosen region. Decide on how much to invest, ie: 100% cash, splitting cash & loan, etc

What types of exit strategies would be most appropriate for your global venture? Some strategies to consider include divestiture of assets, handing over to a joint venture partner, diversification, shutting down operation, and contingencies for your global venture.

Based on your findings, make final recommendations about the feasibility of this global venture. Would you recommend proceeding with this global venture? Explain why or why not.




Sample Solution