Business process model.


There need to be two swim lanes.
One as the current swim lane and one as after the solution or improvement provided by me as per the analysis made after the 7 s model.
Can you kindly do another swim lane and identify the improvement?

Please identify the issues in the warehouse and provide improvement and solutions and draw a new diagram as the business process model for after the solutions given.

Analyse the problem. and the root cause of the problem. Then discuss the proposal for the new improved process as per 7 s model which is the improvement of the warehouse or food industry as distributors.
7 s = How do we come out with the solution?
Draw a new diagram business process model as after the analyzing and after improvement.

instructions.jpeg [MATERIAL]

Dear writer, please be aware that you have to identify a problem with the current diagram and adopt 7 s model to improve the issue and then draw a new diagram after solution.

What is the problem and what is the solution and the impact of the solution?
and then discuss the process and analyze the PROBLEM and root cause of the problem.

Once the root cause was identified, we can suggest a new solution addressing 7 s model and business process diagram.
How do we know the new solution is good? we use it on the 7 s model and see.






















































Sample Solution