Business Professionalism

First, watch the video to write a 700 words paper.

You’ll write specifically about the wisdom and experience the guest speakers and panellists offer, including either quotation from what they said or your own paraphrase of their main points.

In the final paragraph, discuss how you’ll use their advice to increase and enhance your professional skills, giving specific examples of how you’ll act on their advice.

In short, your memo should summarize the main points of each speaker and panel so well that anyone reading it would have no doubt you had watched and absorbed the entire session.

Second, Write a short reflection (approx. 500 words) about your lessons learned from this course. Incorporate your unique talent themes from the CliftonStrengths, and include examples from the meeting simulation that brought them to life. The questions below will help with what to include, but you should not submit a paper that is merely a list of answers in response. Instead, aim for a clear and concise business text that is engaging, thoughtful, error-free (run it through Grammarly; make an appointment with the CBC for peer review if desired), and includes personal reflections on who you are, what motivates you, and what challenges you.

What ideas about the term “professionalism” did you begin the course with, and how, specifically, have those ideas changed or developed as a result of taking the course? What can you identify as areas of professionalism you’ll work to develop during the remainder of your time at Kogod and how, specifically, will you work to improve in those areas?
What, specifically, did you realize during the simulation about your abilities and challenges with teamwork, leadership, and communication? What feedback did you receive from your peers and evaluators that enlightened you?
What will you do differently in terms of career readiness as a result of this course and your understanding of your strengths?

Sample Solution