Business proposal of a startup company

This paper is a group project paper so I will only need one section of the paper completed. It is a paper that will be written from the perspective of a startup company proposing technological solutions to an area’s problem. My group chose Los Angleles city as an area of focus and our company will be focused one preventing air pollution using technological air scrubber and also work on having indoor smart farms to combat the effect of drought on food resources
So the only part I want to be completed is the business description section only including generally company description, workforce, mission statement, vision statement and industry description. We have named our hypothetical company IBS (Intelligent Biotech solutions) and I will be uploading documents including instruction a sample project (similar just use it as a guideline since its different topics) and my group’s paper that we started. Basically if you look at the content of the sample project paper I will only need half of the business description section written.

Sample Solution