1. Business Report: 30% ?Your task is to review the behaviours, actions and communications of one of the companies listed below of your choice:

——> IKEA ?<———

In your own words:
* Examine and critique one or two aspects of the company’s social performance with regards to fulfilling society’s expectations on how the company should operate its business. You can look at a company’s performance in regards to the environment, equality, employment, community development, health and human rights, just to name a few options.
* Highlight both areas of achievement and those requiring improvement. If you choose to look at one aspect, examine both the positive and negative behaviours related to that aspect. If you choose to look at two aspects, focus on one positive aspect and one negative aspect, to allow enough depth in your writing.
* Examine and discuss the impact and implications of the company’s actions on society and stakeholders.
* Provide your conclusions about the company’s performance in society, based on the information you provide in your paper.

Word Limit: 1500, maximum of 1800 words. INCLUDE in-text citations, headings, sub-headings, etc. Anything in the body of your paper is included as part of the word count.
Don’t slip up! Make sure you do not go over the maximum word limit.

REFERENCING = make sure there are at least 3 scholarly reviewed journal articles. Make it CHICAGO 17th edition

This is an assignment that asks you to reflect broadly on the role of business, how it communicates and acts on a social issue facing it in any society. Take time to reflect on the many arguments and pieces of information presented in the literature. You will need to read widely and broadly.

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