Business: Strategic Audit

A.) What company would you like to conduct your audit on? It can be on any company. I recommend you pick a company you would want to work for someday (I know it seems crazy — but you truly are capable of working for any company you want, if you stay motivated!) to educate yourself on the company. If there isn’t one you want
to work for at this time, then pick one you either purchase from regularly or enjoy reading about.
B.) What industry does this company operate in?
C.) What are the major products and services this company provides?
D.) In general, how is the company doing? Are they in good standing? Consider the industry life cycle (this
weeks lecture), what stage are we in?
E.) How many locations does this company offer?
F.) Corporate Governance Considerations. Who is on the executive board? (CEO, CFO, CMO/Marketing Director at minimum) How is the leadership team doing overall?

Sample Solution