Canada’s Political System

This assignment requires you to answer questions on Canada’s political system. It is worth 10% of the final grade.
Use information from the content you have read/viewed and from other external sources, as necessary. Cite and reference the sources you use in APA format.
Please answer the questions below. Each question is worth 5 marks, for a total score of 100 marks for the assignment.
1.How does the prime minister get this position?
2.What is the role of Cabinet?
3.What are 3 factors that the prime minister considers when choosing a cabinet minister?
4.How are party members expected to vote in the House of Commons?
5.Why is this the case?
6.What is the role of committees in the process of creating new legislation?
7.What is meant by the term ‘majority government’?
8.How is this different from a ‘minority government’?
9.Is a ‘majority government’ more representative/democratic than a ‘minority government’? Why or why not?
10.Are there limits to the amount of money that a party can spend to advertise before an election?
11.If so, should the government remove the limit on the amount of money that a party can spend? Why? If not, should the government place a limit on the amount of money that a party can spend? Why?
12.In Canada, are the members of the Senate elected or appointed?
13.What concerns are there about the Senate?
14.What are some of the possible solutions to addressing these concerns?
15.Which two provinces have the most seats in the House of Commons?
16.Does this allow for fair/democratic representation?
17.Why do Western Provinces feel frustrated with the federal government?
18.How do most Canadians feel about their politicians?
19.Approximately what percentage of eligible voters bother to vote?
20.Why do you think this is so?

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