Cardiac rehab or transitional care for CHF patients

P=How does going to a Cardiac rehab or transitional care for CHF patients
I= Compared to going home from a hospital
C= In comparison to patients being discharged home from the hospital
O= reduces CHF readmission
T= within 30 days timeframe
Complete the evidence grid by providing at least four evidence-based articles and one evidence-based clinical practice guideline that can support your potential improvement project.
This grid can be expanded at a later time and a literature review can be written for the full support of an improvement project under the direction of your Faculty Advisor.
Use the following criteria to obtain your evidence grid information:
Conduct an online search on your topic (in PubMed, CINAHL, or an appropriate, comparable database) using keywords, various MESH terms, and combinations of terms from the PICOT question.
Restrict your searches to the most recent five years.
Find the most representative evidence articles on your topic.
Examine the MESH terms derived from this search.
Adjust your search strategy to include combinations of the most relevant three to four MESH terms. You may want to save the search strategies and searches.
Identify external evidence that best addresses the focus of a potential improvement project. Take time to reflect and think about how these articles can support an improvement project.
Using the PICOT question, conduct database searches and select evidence-based sources that can support a potential improvement project.

Sample Solution