Career Planning

1) Think about your knowledge, skills, and abilities (K.S.A.s). What are you good at? What do you know well? What are your interests? What are your work habits? What personality traits do you possess? What type of environment do you work well in? (These are just sample questions) Include the results of this personal reflection in your paper. Step 2) Select two occupations that you think you might want to pursue as a career. If you can’t think of any occupations, review this list (click here) of job titles common among management majors. Explain why these jobs appeal to you. Step 3) Using, examine the O*NET description of both job titles. How do your K.S.A.s fit those necessary for each job title? Do you have what it takes (in terms of skills, abilities, personality etc. to be successful in these careers)? Would you be a good “fit” for each occupation? Why or why not? Step 4) Is there anything you can do to acquire or develop those K.S.A.s that you are lacking? In other words, what can you do to improve your “fit” for each occupation over both the short term and the long term? Step 5) Assuming you were to pursue these career paths and apply for jobs (in these occupations), what types of interview questions might you be likely be asked? Provide two sample interview questions for each job? What are some examples of good and bad answers to these questions? What other selection methods might be used? Explain your answer.




Sample Solution