Case Study (EEOC)

1.Read: Chapter 8 (all)
2.Review PowerPoint Presentation: Agency Preview the document
3.Listen to Employment Law Lecture: EmploymentLawLecture.mp3
4.Review Study Handout on Employment Laws Preview the document
5.Read Case Study: EEOC vs. Abercrombie & Fitch Preview the document

Does Justice Scalia and the court rule that Abercrombie’s policy violates Title VII or does it just violate Title VII in the manner it was applied in this instance?
Let’s say you were just hired by Hooters as district manager. They have a dress code (Google it for examples if you are not sure what their dress code is). You are conducting a training session for store managers on interviewing policies. How would you advise them in regards to candidates wanting to make modification to the standard uniform?

Sample Solution