Case Study: Promoting Patricks’ Independence with Person Centred Care

Case Study Rationale
An RN’s role in healthyageing is to identifya nd utilise th e strengths ofthe older adult to ma )dmisetheir independence, and to minimise th e im pacts ofdisabilitya nd disease (Moyle, Parkera nd Bramble, 2014). This case studywill develop yo ura bilityto identifyfactors which inhibit independence and diminish q uality of life in the older a dult experiendnga ch ron ic diseasediagnosis, a nd advocate fo r comm unity based strategies or s u pports th at will increase your patients’ holistic wellbeing.
Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3,4, 5 a nd 6

Case Study Outline
Patrick, 66 years old, was diagnosed with earlyonset Parkinson’s Diseasetwo weeks ago by his Neurologist. Symptoms at the time of diagnosis include a slighttremor in his R hand at rest, decreased sense of smell, and poor sleep quality. He is a current primaryschool teacher (grade 5), who lives with his 68-year-old, supportive husband, Michael, a Subwayfranchiseowner operator. Patrick is a fitand healthy gent, who runs 5km per day, with no comorbidities, no regular medications,and otherwise “perfect” health. Patrick has now been commenced on Levodopa 50mg three times a day, and Clonazepam0.5mg nocte.
Patrick and Michael haveseen their GP followingthe diagnosis. As a primary health care RN, working in the same practiceas the GP, you areasked to review the above scenario, with a focus on the following identified issues: a. Impact of a chronic incurablediagnosis, b. Safety considerationsfor this stageof the diseasetrajectory,and c. Maintainingthedignityof a young-old older adult.
For each issue, you are askedto outlinethe following:
1. RELEVANCE OF ISSUE • Broadly explain howthe issue is relevantto Patrick • For example, what is the impactof Patricics diagnosis?). • Demonstrate your critical thinkingskil Is and understanding of person-centred care— avoid being descriptive.This applies tothe entirety of the assignment • Support your writing with intext references. 2. PRIMARY HEALTH CARE NURSING INTERVENTIONS (PHC Nrsglx) • Identify FOUR primary health ca re i nterventi ons an RN would initiate, relevant to each issue(you will have 12 PHC Nrsg lx in total for the whole assignment,4 per issue) • For example, what would we do as a nursefor this issue,what strategies can we implement, what do we need to discuss or encourage? • Support your writing with intext references. • Ensure that you a re using person centred care for these interventions. • Please remember that this is NOTa biomedical care plan —You are not asked to treat the PD, but to holisticallysupport Patrickand Michael with a very new diagnosis. EVIDENCE BASED PRACTICE RATIONALE • Providethe evidence based rationalefor each nursing intervention (4 EBPR x3 issues =12 EBPR for whole assignment) • For example, why are we doingthis, again supported by intext references. • Ensure that all research is linked back to Patricics personal circumstances.

Sample Solution