Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Fences.

Discuss both Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and Fences. You may choose any one of the following questions to write about.

  1. One of the themes we’ve noticed this semester is characters lying to themselves. Using the plays, demonstrate why human beings lie to themselves. Please find one reason, rather than several different reasons. This reason will be your thesis statement. People lie to themselves because…?
  2. Setting plays an important role in both these plays. What is it? Why did the authors choose to set their places in the places and times that they did? You may also wish to consider what atmosphere is created by the settings.
  3. Just as mystery novels are social commentaries, so are many plays. What are Williams and Wilson saying about the restrictions time and place put on us?
  4. What roles do women play in these two dramas? Are they dramatically more important than the men? Why or why not? Remember, you are looking for similarities not differences.
  5. How are the two protagonists—Brick and Troy—similar to each other? Think in particular about what drives them and how this is shown in the play.

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