How is diabetes treated, controlled, and prevented as seen throughout the 20th Century and progressing onwards into the 21st Century in China with the assistance of Chinese governmental laws, policies, and medicine? Towards the beginning of the paper, please add a paragraph describing How was the Chinese government at the time in general (Communist Republic of China) and their policies. Please show the progression of the role of the Chinese Government over time from 1960s-Today. – How does it spread? o Sex workers, sharing needles, doctors re-using needles – What type of policies did the Chinese government institute to prevent the spread of the disease? o Examples such as providing one-time use needles, education, programs, medical research o Crackdown on illegal blood-testing which causes people to lose their jobs or fear being tested and treated. – How much money has the People’s Republic of China put in into vaccinating the population? o One source is from the Gavi (The Vaccine Alliance) Organization which provides free vaccines to hospitals o China’s Ministry of Health laws – How much money they put into medical research or what medical research in China is there? – What are the laws that the Chinese Government put into place to prevent the disease and how did it develop over time? The attached Research Proposal has




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